• Optional material handling system available

  • Pneumatic caliper braking of turntable prevents unwinding of spiral lays when the machine is stopped

  • Variety of pre-form tooling available for specific applications (see below)

  • Flexible and rigid mandrel wire spiral winding
  • 33% speed increase over existing systems to 100 RPM
  • Change over time reduced by 50% over existing systems
    • Increased operating efficiency
    • Greater productivity
  • Expanded product range from 7.6-114.3mm (0.3-2.5in) OD
  • Independent deck control eliminates change gears
  • Wire carrying capacity up to 635 Kg (1400lbs) per turntable per 180 ends
  • Preforms wire immediately prior to laying wire onto the hose or tube
  • Easily integrated into hose manufacturing systems
  • Bobbins mounted on needle bearings and equipped with disc brakes to prevent bobbin overrun
  • "On the fly" inner liner change capability
  • Choice of bobbin packs - single or multiple ends (up to 180 ends per turntable)
  • Efficient floor space utilization


Bobbin Packs (Ends)   6 5 4 3

Wire Capacity
 2.95Kg (6.5 lbs)
17.7Kg (39.0 lbs)
3.7Kg (8.3 lbs)
18.5Kg (41.5 lbs)
5.0Kg (11.0 lbs)
20Kg (44.0 lbs)
7.0Kg (15.5 lbs)
21Kg (46.5 lbs)

Ends/Turntable  180 150 120 90

Productivity/Minute *
Mean wire lay diameter
@ 54.75 @
100 RPM
Wire Dia. 
11.3m (36.9 ft)
50.0mm (2.0 in)
8.3m (27.3 ft)
38.0mm (1.5 in)
5.5m (18.2 ft)
25.0mm (1.0 in)
4.2m (13.8 ft)
19.0mm (0.74 in)

The WSW-IV Precision Wire Spiral Winder offers new capabilities in wire reinforcing for a broad range of hose constructions. It affords you the ability to produce hose with high quality and uniformity by controlling both diameter and pitch preform. In each module, two counter-rotating turntables can be mounted back-to-back or in line facing the same direction. Each turntable has its own individual positive speed control. Control of turntable speed is accomplished by utilizing independent deck controls. On each turntable, a single unit accurately and uniformly preforms all of the wire ends.  
Flex Mandrel Preform Tooling

Preform Tooling for Large Diameter Hose

Rev. 10/05