HMF Fittings Impulse Tester



Impulse Pressure Range: 15,000 Standard (other pressure ranges available)

Test Oil Temperature: Ambient (Heated Optional)

Impulse Rate: Variable from 30 to 100 cycles per minute

Square Wave Pattern: Per SAE J343

Capacity: 12 Port Manifold, SAE O-Ring Port

JIC 37 degree Fittings, Code 62 Flange



Data Acquisition

Test modules can be set to log the time and date, test cylce count, oil temperature, pressure rise, peak pressure and test sample fault modes. Test data can be collected and archived at specified intervals.

Remote Monitoring

The data console and monitor are mounted with the machine. These units are durable enough to withstand the rigors of any testing environment or can be remotely positioned.

No Operator Required

Fittings Impulse Testers are programmable for continuous, unattended testing, 24 hours a day, for extended time periods.

Safety Features

The PLC shuts down testing operations the moment a sample failure occurs. Built-in diagnostics precisely locate and identify the faults to facilitate corrective actions by your operators. Sensors located on the test chamber provide fast shutdown in the event the chamber doors are opened while the Impulse Tester is in operation. Safety glass windows allow safe viewing of test chamber.