HMF Burst Tester

Standard Burst Tester Specifications

Maximum Pressure: Up to 50,000 psi

Fluid Test Type: Tester can be manufactured for either oil or water service

Capacity: to 4" I.D.

Utilities: 100 psi air and 110V A.C.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Continuous Reliable Service

HMF Burst Testers simulate rigorous field test conditions in a controlled laboratory environment, providing positive quality assurance for high pressure hydraulic hose assembly testing.

Control Panel

Operator controls allow easy setup and monitoring of all test parameters. Test pressure gauge allows the operator to view the pressure rise. Variable pump speed allows the operator to control duration of tests. An electronic digital indicator with pressure transducer provides accurate readings over a large range. A "peak hold" feature retains maximum pressure reading for each test. An air operated hydraulic power unit with 730 to 1 air-to-hydraulic ratio provides a continuous pressure rating of up to 50,000 PSI.

Efficient Design

The stainless steel test chamber is housed in a totally enclosed cabinet. A pneumatically controlled cover shield opens wide to expose the testing area. Ample room is provided making test setup easy and efficient. A built in drain sump clears fluid and aids clean up. A large enclosed storage area is provided below the test chamber providing room for tools, spare couplings and supplies. An air system regulator allows adjustment of pressure to incoming air supply for cover cylinders, pump and high pressure relief system. A filter and screen system purifies incoming air and water to ensure longer life of system components.

Long-term Value

Rugged components and precision manufacturing include a welded steel frame and heavy gauge sheet metal, painted to your color specifications, ensuring years of reliable service. The test chamber area is manufactured of welded 7 gauge stainless steel with 3/8" stainless end plates. A 3/4" stainless impact plate (type 316) withstands the punishment of high pressure testing.

Safety Features

The HMF Burst Tester is designed for safe operation as a key component. Safety Interlocks prevent access to the test chamber during high pressure operation. Dual palm buttons located on the control panel ensure operator safety when closing the test chamber cover shield.