Magna-Wrapper CMT

 Right Hand Configuration
  (Take-Up and Let-Off can be
  purchased at additional cost)
Magna-Wrapper CMT
  • Tape Concentric Hose Wrapping or Unwrapping Machine for Flex Mandrel or Rigid Mandrel
  • Maximum shuttle speed 1000 rpm - speed dependant on tape condition
  • Adjustable Tape Tension in percentage of Motor Torque
  • Maximum tape package diameter 800mm OD
  • Accommodates tapes from 65.0-102.00 mm wide
  • Tape core diameter 307 mm - interchangeable with other wrapping/unwrapping machines
  • One tape package on head, three in storage
  • Includes one tape core with removable section
  • Accommodates hose outside diameters from 8.0 63.0 mm
  • Complete with single integrated haul off
  • Utilizes a color monitor with the following operator inputs:

  •      Hose Diameter                           Tape Thickness
         Shuttle Speed (up to 1000 rpm)  % Overlap
         % of Motor Torque                     Tape Width
  • Standard Magnatech International Harbor Blue Color

  • (similar to RAL 5024)
  • Meets CE Safety Standards
  • Includes three support tubes
  • Optional Brand strip attachment per customer specifications
  • Optional waterproof interior panel when wrapping tape in moist environment
  • Optional Take-Up and Let-Offs
Operation Mode:   Concentric

Hose Type:   Flexible or Rigid Mandrel

Wrapping Speed   Up to 1000 RPM (wrap & unwrap)

Nylon Tape Capacity:   Roll: 813mm (32in) OD; 305mm (12in) OD Core
Tape Length/Reel: 1600m (5250ft) [0.012 tape thickness]
Tape Width: 62-100mm (2.6-3.9in)

Shuttle Servo Drive Motor:   160 N-Meter of Continuous Torque

Tension Servo Drive Motor:   76 N-Meter of Continuous Torque

Caterpillar Servo Drive Motor:   23 N-Meter of Continuous Torque

Air Consumption:   < 30 litres/hour

Power Consumption:   < 15 kw by regen drives (< 30 kw by common bused drives)

The Magna-Wrapper-CMT employs concentric wrapping where the product passes through the package center. Unlike eccentric wrapping where you have an unbalanced load rotating about its axis, concentric wrapping is always balanced, allowing much higher wrapping speeds which yield greater productivity.  

Let-Off Pin Arrangement

Optional Brand Strip Attachment

Rev. 10/05