• Improved temperature uniformity when compared to gas chilling
  • Operating costs 15-20% lower than nitrogen chilling
  • Simplified hose threading
  • Low maintenance—all parts are easily accessible
  • Filters fitted to the condenser inlet minimize blockage of the filter fins (frequency of filter changes are dependant on varying factory conditions
  • Various cooling systems available depending upon ambient temperature
  • High velocity air circulation provides optimum heat transfer
  • All refrigerants used are readily obtainable and conform to all present regulations governing the use of CFC’s, HFC’s and GWP’s
  • Water cooling optional


Chilling (maximum) -30°C (-22°F) single stage -70°C (-94°F) double stage

Refrigerant R134A (single stage) R134A (1st stage) R23 (2nd stage)

Electrical Connection Power Required: 380-415V 50Hz / 440-480V 60Hz
Defrost Heater: 3Kw | Max. Current: 32A
Consumption: 6.2Kw | Control Voltage: 24VAC

Tube Sizes Hose Size: up to 100mm (3.93 in) OD
Inner Tube ID: 35-108mm (1.37-4.25 in)

  Height Width Length Length
(w/guide tube)

Dimensions 2020mm
(6.6 ft)
(3.0 ft)
(10.1 ft)
(17.1 ft)

Control Panel

  • Run/stop indicator for each motor
  • Pre-set point for high & low temperature - alarm will sound when temperature deviates from the set-point range
Freezer Chamber
  • Door in open position gives full access to the chamber interior. Removal of the lower panels (no screws) exposes the bottom of the chamber (just lift off)
  • Controlled drainage—fully sealed chamber bottom to contain the moisture when the chiller is defrosted
  • Exposed center section of the chamber allows for visibility of the heat transfer tube. Hose threading into the braider takes no more than 30 seconds

Rev. 05/02