H-1-R-V Model
Horizontal compression haul-off
shown with optional PIV configuration
Magnatech Haul-Offs
  • Modular concept - compatible with Magnatech braiding/winding systems
  • Endless track design, stabilized by spring-loaded support systems
  • Urethane gripper pads, for 9-100mm (3/8-4in) OD product (standard), optional pads for 6-9mm (1/4-3/8in) OD product
  • Track opening capabilities to 203mm (8in)
  • Compression indicator for track/product gripping
  • Available digital display for lead ratio, deck RPM and productivity information


Model Number H-I H-I-R H-III H-IV Vertical Compression

Track Line Center Height 1299mm (51 in) 1299mm (51 in) 1299mm (51 in) 1299mm (51 in) 1299mm (51 in)

Effective Track Length 508mm (20 in) 508mm (20 in) 889mm (35 in) 1178mm (70 in) 635mm (25 in)

Push/Pull Capacity
at Max. Throughput
1088Kg (2400 lbs) 680Kg (1500 lbs) 2721Kg (6000 lbs) 5443Kg(12000 lbs) 1814Kg (4000 lbs)

Maximum Throughput
Per Minute
4.67m (15.3 ft) 8.96m (29.4 ft) 12.70m (41.7 ft) 12.70m (41.7 ft) 9.14m (30.0 ft)

(Length x Width)
1295 x 838mm
51 x 31 in
1295 x 838mm
51 x 33 in
2121 x 1156mm
83.5 x 45.5 in
4280 x 1156mm
168.5 x 45.5 in
762 x 1067mm
30 x 42 in

The Magnatech Haul-off Line consists of several models for various product applications. Superior roller chain tracks and support constructions feature strength and stability. Horizontal or vertical track designs afford easy accessibility to operation from either side-to-side or top-to-bottom. Most models feature standard detachable urethane gripper pads housed within a metallic structure that provide a resilient, non-marking product-gripping surface. Each model is designed with ample space for various motor sizes—up to 50 horsepower depending on the model. Incremental change gear speed controls and other internal drive train components provide a wide range of product speeds or an optional servo drive that provides for infinite variable speed control.  
H-III Model
Hoizontal compression haul-off shown with
optional PIV configuration

Vertical Compression Model

Rev. 05/02