(with mechanical tensioning system)

  • Superior quality winding - consistently achieves winding catenary quality to meet or exceed current industry standards
  • Constant wire speed up to 520m (1700ft)/minute with Mechanical Let-Off or 700m (2300ft)/minute with Magna-ELC
  • Electronic controls with operator interface maximizes convenience and flexibility in establishing and/or changing operating conditions
  • Optimized software guarantees operation within the limits of both maximum bobbin RPM and maximum linear wire speed assuring optimum winding quality at maximum productivity
  • Supply spool let-offs are separate modular units which assure maximum flexibility in application of let-off system designs
  • Patented wire threading device for higher productivity
  • Optional wire lubrication attachment


Bobbin Speed (maximum) 2250 RPM

Bobbin Size (maximum) Flange: 190mm (7.5 in) Traverse: 254mm (10 in)

Productivity/Minute (maximum) 520m (1700 ft)/minute Mechanical Let-Off
700m (2300 ft)/minute Magna-ELC

Ends/Bandwidth (maximum) 2-24 ends 0.2-0.38mm (0.008-0.015 in) wire 10mm (0.400 in) bandwidth

  Length Width Height Weight

Dimensions with Magna-ELC
Dimensions with Mechanical Let-Off
2311mm (91 in)
2160mm (85 in)
1930mm (76 in)
1676mm (66 in)
1880mm (74 in)
1880mm (74 in)
(4500 lbs)

The BW-7-M combines, precisely feeds and winds wires from single end supply spools onto bobbins at equal lengths a critical requirement in order to obtain quality braiding.



  • Operator can input wire diameter, number of ends, bobbin type and total wire length into a database and save them in memory as a product for future recall
  • Simple electronic operator controls allow for precise adjustment of traverse reversal locations
  • Minimal downtime to replace supply spools achieved by treating wires as a band around the metering wheels and providing a patented threading tool system for the operator

Operator Interface

Operator Screen

Operator Control

Rev. 09/07