The History of Magnatech International, Inc.

Magnatech International's reputation for quality braiding machinery dates to the year 1892 in Reading, Pennsylvania. It was then that Textile Machine Works, a braiding machinery business serving the fashion industry, was founded by two hard-working German immigrants, Henry Janssen, and Ferdinand Thun, (grandfather of David Thun, Magnatech's co-founder and Chairman).

The Thun and Janssen families supplied the world marketing with high quality braiding machinery, consistently providing innovative applications and products. By the 1930's, second generation Thuns and Janssens were manufacturing braiding machines used to produce reinforced, specialized hydraulic hoses.

In 1968, the well-respected Textile Machine Works was acquired by Rockwell International, which maintained a leadership position in the braiding machinery business for the next 20 years.

Then in 1988, Mr. David Thun and his partner, Mr. Paul Kozloff, purchased the braiding machinery business from Rockwell, forming a new company, "Magnatech International, L.P.", and joined by the loyal employees of Rockwell's braiding division.

In 2003, Mr. David Thun retired from the company and passed full ownership to his business partner, Mr. Paul Kozloff, who subsequently passed ownership to the Magnatech Executive Management group and other equity investors in 2006. Building from the foundation Mr. Thun established, our customers can expect our exceptional service and product development efforts to continue the ...

Tradition of Excellence.